24-carat "halal" wine now available

It has already been famed the world over that Dubai is not one to take things half-heartedly.

The latest in this long list of the city's lavishness is the alcohol-free wine with glittering and edible 24-carat gold specks swimming in its bottled glory.

This "halal" drink costs $150 (around Dhs550), and is becoming quite a hit in the generally Muslim metropolis of Dubai. Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol, and only licensed places like hotels and bars can serve alcohol to its dining patrons.

It's nothing surprising to a city that offers the grandest and most opulent lifestyles. For people that cannot drink alcohol, this gold-flecked champagne is a better alternative to softdrinks when dining on prime steaks.

The "Lussory" wine is sourced from the vineyards of La Mancha, Spain by Spanish company Dismark Products and distributed by Lootah Premium Foods. According to its distributor, while the idea of non-alcoholic wines is not new, this  frivolous drink is different because it does not contain sugar or additives usually present in non-alcoholic drinks.

For weddings, birthday, or corporate events, Lussory is indeed the perfect way to add luxury into your celebrations.

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