Fishing in Dubai FAQs

Take advantage of the tail end of the fishing season in Dubai and snag yourself a prized catch. A good number of fishing companies offer trips at reasonable rates so you can enjoy a relaxing outing in the deep sea. Home to a wide variety of fishes like sailfish, tuna, groupers, you can enjoy the bounties of the Dubai seas with a fun deep sea fishing adventure.

If you are new to deep sea fishing in Dubai, allow us to answer some questions that you might have in mind.

What should I wear when I go fishing?
Wear your most comfortable casuals when fishing. If you are fishing under the sun, you may need to bring a hat and sunglasses to protect you from the heat. If you are fishing at night or during the winter, wear jackets or sweaters to fight the cold.

How many hours is a fishing trip?
Fishing trips go for a minimum of 4 hours. It takes at least 45 minutes to travel to the deep sea where the fishes are abundant. Then, you need at least two hours to fish, cook, and eat your catch on the boat before you head back home.

How much does a fishing trip cost?
The cost of the fishing trip depends on the size of the boat or yacht you are renting. It also varies depending on whether you are taking an exclusive or shared fishing trip. Ask your favorite fishing company for specific rates.

Is fishing equipment available?
Yes, complimentary fishing rods, lines, bait, and other equipment for deep sea fishing are provided for your enjoyment. The boats and yachts are also equipped with modern fish-finding SONAR and navigation systems to help you find the best fishing spots in Dubai.

Do we always get fish during a fishing trip?
Catching a fish is not always a guarantee every trip. The best times to catch fishes is early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the temperatures are cool and fishes swam near to the surface. This is why colder seasons are fishing seasons. Whether or not you catch a fish, what is important is you get to enjoy an outing in the deep sea where you can just sit back and unwind.

What do you do with the fish you catch?
If you do catch some fish, you have the option to bring them home with you or cook them immediately on board the yacht. Exclusive yacht charter services in Dubai usually have a kitchen and electric grill so you can fry or grill your catch. Nothing is as delicious and tasty as a fresh fish cooked straight from the sea.

If you have other fishing-related questions, let us know and we’ll fish the answers for you.

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