Marine thrills at Atlantis The Palm

Enter a make-believe world right on the shores of Dubai at Atlantis, The Palm. This majestic resort-hotel offers a holiday experience that is unique to Dubai.

Located at the apex of the impressive man-made island Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, The Palm is the first luxury resort-hotel to be built on the island. It exudes the fascinating theme of the mythical Lost City of Atlantis with touches of distinct Arabian elements.

The hotel has 1,500 rooms all with nautical motifs nestled within two accommodation wings, the East and the West Tower, or collectively called the Royal Towers. These towers are linked together by the Royal Bridge Suite.

Pristine beach stretches in front of the hotel façade with over 700 sun beds for guests to lounge and laze around. Massive retail space, a spa and fitness center, meeting rooms, a conference center, and over 20 restaurants are also available at Atlantis, The Palm.

What makes this resort-hotel different from others is its massive and exciting marine and waterpark attraction. Hotel guests enjoy complimentary access or preferential rates to the resort’s various marine attractions which include:

  • Aquaventure Waterpark. Rated as the No. 1 waterpark in the Middle East and Europe, this remarkable attraction is a 17-hectare park filled with exciting and thrilling waterslides all set in refreshing mythical and tropical surroundings. You can try the world’s largest waterslide or the world’s first dual slide within a slide.
  • Dolphin Bay. One of the world’s top dolphin habitats, Dolphin Bay offers the young and old an opportunity to swim with the playful marine creatures. You can have photo ops with the dolphins, play with them in the shallow waters, or swim and dive with them in the depths.
  • Sea Lion Point. Charming South African fur seals are the newest residents of the park. Like the dolphins, you can have the chance to closely interact with the lovable sea lions and have your photos taken with them.
  • The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Explore the mysterious ruins of the Lost City of Atlantis in this exquisitely themed underground aquarium. Home to 65,000 marine animals, the aquarium has underwater mazes and tunnels for you to meet sharks, seahorses, eels, and even piranhas swimming in the sunken ruins. Educational guided tours, interactive aquatheatre, and fish feedings are also available for guests.

Other marine adventures at the park include Shark Safari, Ray Feeding, Ultimate Snorkel, and Scuba Diving.

Atlantis, The Palm is definitely the perfect place for families, friends, and even office colleagues to go for an extraordinary adventure holiday in this part of the world, not only during summer but at any time of the year. The unique architecture of this resort-hotel makes it one of the most sought-after sightseeing highlights for tourists and residents who hire a yacht in Dubai to cruise around Palm Jumeirah.

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