The man-made islands of Dubai

Equally famous as the biggest and tallest structures of Dubai are its incredible man-made islands that are confirmed to be visible from space. Touted as the Eighth Wonder of the World, these islands consist of the The Palm Jumeirah and The World.

The islands are home to a mix of leisure, residential, and commercial establishments in this booming emirate. While development had momentarily stopped during the 2008 economic crash, construction activities are now abuzz on these unbelievable amazing accomplishments.

The beautiful Palm Jumeirah is shaped like a palm tree with a trunk and 16 fronds spreading from it, a popular symbol reflective of the culture and history of the Arab land. A crescent island surrounds the structure to protect it from the smashing waves of the Persian Gulf.

The Palm Jumeirah is one of the three palm-shaped artificial islands commissioned by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. The other islands are Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, which are both still undergoing development.

A host of hotels and luxurious villas have found a home on the Palm Jumeirah. Atlantis, The Palm, a resort-hotel themed after the mythical Lost City with a touch of Arabian elegance is the first to be built on the island. It came with a fantastic marine attraction, the amazing Aquaventure Waterpark where everybody can enjoy thrilling water rides and interactions with dolphins, sharks, sea lions, and many other marine creatures in its massive aquarium. A ride on the monorail will take you from the base of the island’s trunk in Al Sufouh Road all the way to Atlantis. Of course, a private vehicle also allows you to roam the islands quite conveniently.

Fireworks around the Palm Jumeirah.
 Fireworks at Atlantis The Palm.

Right next to Palm Jumeirah is the equally amazing The World Islands, a collection of over 300 isles constructed in the form of a small world map. Each island is named after different countries and is available for sale to those who can afford it. Yes, you can literally buy yourself a “country” here. Currently, The Heart of Europe, a group of 6 islands, has begun construction of their mix-used property. Seaplane tours and yacht charter in Dubai have already been commissioned to take guests to the islands once it is finished.

 Artist's perspective of The Heart of Europe.

Not only do these islands add much-needed real estate to this "little city that could," it has obviously become a huge magnet for people who want to come to Dubai both for business and pleasure. Personally, I haven't seen these islands from up top myself. Not yet. I have, however, sailed around Palm Jumeirah on a luxury yacht charter. What about you? What is your "Palm" experience?

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