Adventure on a desert safari in Dubai

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in an adventure in the great wide sand dunes of Dubai. A desert safari is an experience unlike any other, and one which tourists should definitely try at least once. If you want to feel the true throbbing heart of Dubai, then take a trip straight into the arms of its beautiful sprawling deserts.

Taking us away from the bustling city and into the tranquil sands of Al Awir was a 4x4 Land Cruiser, our ride all throughout the excursion. After a quick stop at a roadside supermarket for some refreshments, we sped our way onwards. Our driver warned us not to eat or drink too much as it might make our dune bashing experience memorable in a "not good way." Makes sense. The last thing I want is to puke in the car.

Embracing the sands
Dune bashing is practically a roller coaster ride on a Land Cruiser over and above the undulating sand dunes. On these 4WD monsters, you ride the long and tall waves of the golden sandy hills with nothing but your seat belts holding you in place. There is no reason to be alarmed though. These drivers are certified in desert driving, and the Land Cruisers are fitted with the proper safety equipment. These vehicles are approved dune-bashing-worthy by the Government, too.

No words can describe the exhilarating (and sometimes, frightening) thrill that comes over you as the Land Cruiser dips, dives, and seemingly keels over to the side while navigating the steep slopes. Like what one would do in roller coaster rides, all you can do is shout or scream your lungs out to release the tension. This is definitely not for the faint of heart. Seriously, people with such conditions as well as those with back problems are advised to skip the dune bashing part of the safari. It is not advisable for pregnant women and little kids either.

After half an hour of riding the dunes, the adventurous ones braved sliding down the sandy hills themselves on sand boards. A good number fell flat on their faces or their lovely bottoms. The women chose to sit on the boards and have a comfy cruise down. Very few made it to the bottom unscathed. Regardless, it was an awesome way to embrace the sands, literally and figuratively.

A whole new world
They say no two sunsets are ever the same. We've had our share of sunsets in the cities or across the seas on a romantic sunset cruise Dubai, but a desert sunset is something new and unique, and one that will totally leave you in awe. Words are not enough to describe its beauty. It is best to experience the magnificence for yourself.

The convoy of Land Cruisers then proceeded to the desert camp where more exciting activities await guests. Ruler of the deserts, camels sit all proud and majestic while waiting to take you on a short leisure jaunt across the sand, giving you a quick feel of what it's like to be a Bedouin on a journey. If you feel a need for more speed, quad bikes are also available for you to ride at an extra cost.

Inside the camp, a whole new desert world welcomes you with the mats and pillows and low tables spread around a large stage. A stall offering light snacks greets you, a wide welcoming smile on the faces of the servers. They must know well enough we must be starving after that wild ride in the dunes.

On one side, a woman was busy creating lovely henna paintings on the hands and feet of guests. A couple of guys showed off a unique kind of souvenir product with their sand art in small bottles. It is always amazing how these people can create something so beautiful from scratch or from ordinary everyday stuff. Artistic people rock!

There was also a mini store which sells all kinds of the usual souvenir products like colorful figurines of camels and Burj Al Arab, Dubai mugs, UAE shirts, trinkets, and so much more. The shisha corner is also quite a hit with the guests.

Dinner and dancing in the desert
Not soon after, the call to dinner came and a lavish display of sumptuous eats summoned us. I could hear tummies groaning with excitement--or impatience, I wouldn't know. Continental, Arabian, and Asian dishes were delightfully lined up on the long buffet table. Tasty barbecue and refreshing drinks were overflowing.

Halfway into the meal, a man in flowing skirts took to the stage and started spinning in a frenzy - a Tanoura dancer! Tanoura is an Egyptian folk dance performed by Sufi men. The men wore long colorful skirts with bright lights, and dance in a continuous whirl while maneuvering props in their hands. It was quite dizzying to watch, but it was very impressive as well.

Next up came a lovely lady in bright orange dress. Her smooth belly exposed as she moved in tune to the music. Ahh...a Belly dancer. Not too skinny and not too fat, she was quite a sight. I'd like to say she was the right kind of sexy. It figures you have to have a bit of belly fat to shake and move like that. She was amazing.

It was quite a day. And sitting under the stars, enjoying good food and with superb entertainment to boot was the perfect nightcap. We were a bit exhausted but still in high spirits after that exciting desert safari Dubai. Next time, an overnight desert safari would be something worth trying. There is something so magical about sleeping under the stars and waking up to the smell of traditional Arabic coffee. For now, it was an extraordinary desert experience that will surely stay with me for years and years. You should try it, too.


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