Avoid these 10 things in Dubai

There are some restrictions in the United Arab Emirates, especially if you are in Dubai, it is necessary to follow the following instructions.Photo Gallery Getty Images
1. Do not do any of the signs and symptoms of behavior or behavior.
2. Unmarried men and women can not stay in any hotel room together.
3. Preparing sex without marriage is strictly prohibited.
4. It is not permissible for kisses at public places.
5. Men can not wear women's clothes nor can they look like women. It is also restricted to adopting a knit or knit dress.
6. Avoid unusual language or post on social media.
7. Avoid gay.
8. Drinking alcohol is not allowed in the street or public places.
9. Monthly days in public places in public places, particularly fasting, avoiding eating or smoking.
10. Without permission, drawing a picture of any woman is strictly prohibited

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