Cruise your day away

The emirate of Dubai has a deep-rooted connection to the sea. The Emiratis of old were seafarers who traveled the seas to trade their goods with neighboring countries. They also had thriving fishing and pearl diving industries back then. Pearl diving didn’t survive past the 1940s, but fishing is still an important part of Dubai until today.

Cruising and fishing in Dubai has become a popular leisure activity for tourists, residents, and locals over the years. With abundant marine resources and breathtaking coastline vistas, the seas of Dubai are just as much a favorite as the towering skyscrapers and the undulating dunes of the desert.

It is hard to resist the siren’s call of the sea, and an exciting yacht rental Dubai only makes it easy for anyone to go out and feel the refreshing splash of the waves, the cool sea breeze, and the warmth of the sun. People usually think that yachting is an expensive excursion, but with the growing number of yacht charter companies in Dubai, you can actually go on a cruise without having to break the bank.

If you’re planning a unique party for your friends or if you simply want to relax with your loved ones, you can go on an energizing day cruise or a romantic sunset cruise. At the Dubai Marina, a vibrant and cosmopolitan mini-city, vessels that range from 33-foot fishing boats to 85-foot royal yachts are available for charters.

Imagine your cruise casting off from the stunning district of Dubai Marina where you are already treated to glittering views of the tallest block of buildings in the world. Your yacht will effortlessly glide along the Dubai coast where the iconic Burj Al Arab stands majestic and picture-perfect. It will then make its way around the man-made Palm Jumeirah, and give you a magnificent view of Atlantis The Palm, a charming resort-hotel that is themed after the ancient Lost City with some elegant Arabian touches.

For a complete cruise experience, you can also arrange for gourmet catering onboard with Continental, Asian, European, or Arabic cuisines. Decorations to set the party vibe and a DJ to take care of your rave music are also some yacht charter offerings that will surely spell fun times on the high seas.

Can’t wait to go on a yacht cruise!

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