Burj Al Arab spells luxury par excellence

Eiffel Tower in Paris, Opera House in Sydney, Big Ben in London, and Taj Mahal in Agra are only a few of the many man-made wonders that are famous around the world. These stunning structures stand tall and proud as important icons of their respective cities and countries.

In Dubai, that iconic landmark is the Burj Al Arab. Easily recognizable by its distinctive billowing sail design, it pays homage to the seafaring roots of the Emiratis and is the veritable symbol of Dubai. Resplendent either from the golden sand beaches of Jumeirah or from the sea while on a romantic sunset cruise Dubai, Burj Al Arab or “Tower of the Arabs” is considered the most luxurious hotel in the world.


It is the hotel’s unparalleled luxury spaces and hospitality that make it stand out among all five-star hotels. Famously labeled as “the world’s only 7-star hotel,” precious marble floors, 22 carat gold-lined walls and precious silks add a generous touch of magnificence to the overall hotel ambiance. It offers superb guest security and privacy, chauffeur services on a Rolls Royce or Mercedes, private reception desk on every floor, helicopter trips around the city or to the airports, personal butlers, and breathtaking views of the sea and the cityscape. It also affords guests free entry to the exciting Wild Wadi Waterpark nearby.

Burj Al Arab has 202 two-story accommodations. It has deluxe one-bedroom units, 170 square meters in size, that offer endless views of the gulf; three-bedroom lodgings that gives absolute privacy to visiting dignitaries and celebrities; and royal two-bedroom suites with elegant furnishings spread over 780 square meters of floor space as well as exclusive amenities including a private lift and cinema. Every suite has well-appointed living and dining areas as well as office space and private kitchens. The hotel also has swimming pools, beauty salons, fitness studio, and a squash field. In all its 15 years, the hotel helipad has played host to a good number of world-famous feats that include golf legends Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy teeing off, Roger Federer and Andre Agassi playing tennis, David Coulthard doing donuts in an F1 racecar, a benefit dinner worth Dhs10,000 per plate for the United Nations World Food Programme, and more.

A huge selection of signature dining outlets is available from the hotel’s entrance hall all the way up to the top level. Their restaurants and bars offer distinctive culinary treats that would surely fulfill every guest’s gastronomic cravings. Try Arabic buffet at Al Iwan, seafood ala carte at Al Mahara, European dining at Al Muntaha, international spreads at Bab Al Yam, cocktails at Juna Lounge, Far East Asian cuisine at Junsui, afternoon tea at Sahn Eddar, and the world’s most expensive cocktail at Skyview Bar located 200 meters above sea level.

A stay at Burj Al Arab is never complete without partaking of the luxurious offerings from Talise Spa, the perfect kind of pampering 150 meters above the seas. Designed to relax and reinvigorate, Talise Spa offers facials, massages, body treatments, zone therapy, and body enhancements that offers nothing but the highest quality products, methods, and spa professionals this side of the world. Talise Spa holds the distinction of being the “Best Luxury Hotel Spa” in the World Luxury Spa Awards for two years now.

Standing majestically on a reclaimed island 280 metres off the shores of Dubai, the Burj Al Arab opened its doors to the world in December 1999. It has figured prominently in postcards, travel books, travel websites, and of course, in visitor photographs while sunbathing at the Jumeirah Beach or sailing along the sparkling waters off the coast. The majestic hotel celebrates its 15th year this year with the fantastic "Best of the Burj" all-in package that includes all the amazing luxury offerings only Burj Al Arab can give.