Things to do on a dhow cruise

Have you seen the boats with bright lights and colorful decorations docked along Dubai Creek or sailing the Dubai Marina lagoon at night? These are the traditional Arabian dhows, a beautiful reminder of the glorious seafaring heritage of Dubai. In the old days, they were mainly used for fishing, pearl diving, and trading with nearby countries. Today, these dhows serve a more recreational purpose by offering extraordinary cruising and dining experience to tourists and residents in the city. If you haven’t taken a dhow cruise in Dubai, then it is high time you should.

For two hours, you can take an enchanting ride across the peaceful waters onboard this charming old-style boat. More spacious and technically modern than their older counterparts, these wooden dhows are perfect for an evening out with your loved ones. Here are things that you can do on a nostalgic dhow dinner cruise Dubai:

1. Take pleasure in the view. A dhow cruise along Dubai Creek lets you gaze at the breathtaking charm of Old Dubai with the historic architectures along the route. While at Dubai Marina, you are treated to a breathtaking spectacle of glittering skyscrapers and luxury yachts lining the lagoon.

2. Relax with music. A wide variety of background music delights your ears as you relax and chat with your friends or loved ones. An eclectic mix of Arabian, Indian, Asian, and English tunes fill the air as the boat glides across the waters under the moonlight.

3. Get a henna tattoo. For a small fee, ladies can enjoy this ancient Indian and Middle Eastern practice of painting the hands, arms or feet while on a dhow. As you know, the henna “tattoo” is temporary, and only lasts up to a month.

4. Pose for souvenir pictures. A professional photographer onboard will gladly take photos of you and your loved ones as a token of your wonderful evening. For a small fee, you can have these pictures printed and placed in fancy folders to take home with you.

5. Gorge on a sumptuous dinner feast. Most importantly, a mouthwatering banquet of Arabic, Indian, Asian, and Continental cuisine is the highlight of a marvelous dhow dinner cruise. Tasty main courses, soups, appetizers, and desserts fill you up while overflowing juices and soft drinks refresh you all through the night.

6. Enjoy amusing entertainment. Magic shows, Tanoura and Belly Dance shows, funny puppet and horse shows, and a live singer are some of the entertainment offerings on a dhow cruise. Forget boredom, adults and kids alike are guaranteed to enjoy their time on this cruise.

It is an experience that is unique to the region. Not only do you get to enjoy a filling dinner banquet on a delightful floating restaurant, you also get to experience a wonderful slice of Dubai’s past all in one enchanting evening.