Live the good life in Dubai

There is no other city like Dubai when it comes to real estate, leisure, and shopping. The city is one of the top tourist destinations around the globe offering the best opportunities to come and explore the ethnicity of the place. This well-managed tourist hotspot offers unforgettable holidays, highly charged sports events, scenic attractions, great sources of entertainment, and a luxurious stay in top-class star-rated hotels.

On the international trading map, Dubai is situated at a strategic location, a gateway between the East and the West, which makes it an ideal business hub and the world’s leading trading and commercial center. Moreover, there are other aspects that can also be looked out if we talk about Dubai.

Cities like London and New York have witnessed a downfall in the current situation, but the real estate markets of Dubai continue to develop and flourish. With prestigious developments like the Burj Khalifa, The Palm Island, and Princess Tower among others, investors continuously take advantage of the profitable Dubai project market by investing on global real estate projects. As per the latest stats from Property Advice Dubai, the property market of Dubai has managed to remain untouched with the present slump. Considering the city’s continual real estate growth, it is fair to state that this development will increase manifold once the economic condition normalizes worldwide.

Here, people can enjoy a lively nightlife as the city offers an array of eminent hotel bars, cocktail lounges, Irish pubs as well as nighttime tours and excursions. For a feel of an exotic nightlife in Dubai, visit several Middle Eastern nightclubs featuring Arabic dancers and singers. Experience the lifestyle of the old Bedouins on an evening desert safari; travel down the historic Dubai Creek on a dhow dinner cruise; or watch the breathtaking setting sun from a yacht on a breathtaking sunset cruise Dubai. Lively international entertainment is also available all year-round. Artists from US and Europe, major dancing and singing groups, and ballet and opera companies are regular visitors to the emirate.

As we are discussing Dubai’s nightlife, the excellent Dubai cuisine cannot be left behind. The city offers a great experience of ethnic cuisine from almost every region in the world. The standards of international cuisine are high in Dubai and you can dine out at some top class restaurants. The city offers Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Arabian, Italian, German, and Korean cuisines to name a few. There are a diverse range of food options and beverage outlets to attract large number of guests from every corner. Moreover, there are small eating joints that can be found in almost every part of the city such as Satwa, Bur Dubai, Jumeirah, Deira, and Dubai Marina.

Dubai is known as a true shopper’s paradise as the shopping centers here carry local, regional and international brands. The city is an open port with low import duties on almost everything. Therefore, the residents enjoy a tax-free environment and so, there is plenty of money available to spend on shopping and luxuries. The emirate is flooding with various shopping malls, traditional souks, and modern shopping plazas. Other than garments, shoes and other traditional shopping fare, gold is one of the best buys.

Dubai truly offers the best entertainment and shopping hub for tourists as well as for local residents. Situated practically in the center of the world and with record-number flights to and from the city, there is simply no reason for you not to come to Dubai.

This post is written by Pulkit Khurana, an avid contributor to many online content communities with interesting and informative articles on real estate, travel, food, and Dubai in general. He enjoys hanging out in various social media platforms, especially Google+ where he loves sharing his bizarre stories and write-ups with everyone.