Fishing in Dubai

Fishing in Dubai
Fishing in Dubai

Teeming with rich marine resources, the seas of Dubai is a primary source of both food and fun. Among the many different water-related activities available for everyone, fishing has always been a favorite of tourists, residents, and locals alike.

Fishing in Dubai can be commercial or recreational. Commercial fishing is for profit. It is a means of livelihood for the fishermen. The more fishes they catch the more profit they get. Dubai has a rich and strong history rooted in fishing, and it thrives up to the present. With waters holding plenty of fishes and other marine products, commercial fishing in Dubai is a booming industry.

On the other hand, recreational fishing is also a huge hit in this flourishing emirate. It is mainly for fun, and it is usually done on a small scale. Some people catch and then grill their fish; some release it back to the sea.  Some people take it easy and fish by the creeks and beaches. Some take boats and ride out to the sea for more thrilling game.

Deep sea fishing is a popular fishing technique among anglers. Also called sport fishing, it requires sailing out far from land towards waters that are at least 30 meters deep. The deep sea attracts the enthusiastic angler because it is packed with big game fishes like tuna, marlin, swordfish and shark to mention a few. For those seeking an adrenaline rush while fishing, deep sea fishing is the one for them.

With clear skies and calm blue waters for most days of the year, deep sea fishing is a highly recommended activity in Dubai. There are a lot of fishing operators who offer enjoyable fishing trips at affordable rates. Their boats can be hired from any port in the city. As an added bonus, you get a seaside view of the stunning Dubai skyline when you sail out towards the deep sea.

Most yachts are equipped with complimentary fishing equipment as well as state-of-the-art fish-sensing SONAR. The rods, lines, lures, baits, and other fishing gear are carefully selected to suit the kind of fishing adventure that you want. The SONAR, also called a fish-finder, helps you find good spots where schools of fishes are abundant. Whether you are up for trolling or bottom fishing, these yachts are well-equipped to give you a thrilling and fulfilling fishing experience.

First-timers or a beginners to fishing need not worry. Fishing yachts are manned by a captain and crew that are also experienced and competent anglers. They can give informative and helpful fishing tips through what they call a "tackle talk." They are also ready to assist you when you cast your line out to catch your first fish.

Expert anglers will find fishing in Dubai quite an extraordinary experience. The Dubai seas are home to a wide selection of fishes that include sailfish, king fish, queen fish, tuna, cobia, trevallies, groupers, barracudas, and snappers among many others. Whether you are fishing offshore or deep sea, your harvest will be plentiful and diverse.

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